NICA's new ICT Facility

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Today August 15, 2018, the day of Assumption of the Virgin Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Nic Abilonino community has reason enough to smile again having completed the installation of new ICT facilities in the college, thereby improving the computer student’s ratio to 1:2 as compared to the previous ratio of 1:4.


Additionally, fixed overhead projectors have also been installed in each of the lecture rooms, in the main hall and in the multipurpose hall to ease instruction processes and blended learning.

The newly installed computers use the latest version of N - Computing M100X and supported by 7mbs/1.5mbs internet connection capped at 200Gb, to ensure effective internet resource utilisation 24/7. Furthermore, to our joy, the entire college campus is fully covered by Wi-Fi to enable our students and staff use mobile ICT devices to access information and knowledge from the net at any location at any time. This by far is no mean achievement for which are delighted.

These further developments have been possible through the kind support of Hanze University Groningen. We appreciate and thank them most sincerely for the generosity extended to us they share their "talents and move the world". I have no doubt deep in my heart that this collaboration between NICA and HUAS Groningen will catapult NICA to greater horizon and we thank the government of Uganda for creating and sustaining an enabling environment for such collaboration to be possible.

Enjoy the viewing as we await the coming of the new students.

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